Efficiency – TrioBas Microbial Air Samplers

“Orum International Srl” is an Italian company born from the long experience acquired by Roberto and Sandro Ligugnana brothers in the world of scientific microbiology instruments. After founding the company PBI International during the 70’, the activities of the Ligugnana brothers was concentrated on creating innovative solutions for microbiology with invention, marketing and production of tools to standardize microbiological controls in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, hospital and biotechnology fields.

From their original design and patent of the first portable microbiological air sampler SAS (Surface Air Sampler) the company today introduces a new model the TRIO.BAS (patented) taking advantage of the gained experience, together with the new technologies and application needs.

TRIO.BAS is a new portable instrument, unique in the market.

What is TRIO.BAS ™?

Trio.BAS is a Microbiological Air Sampler used for the detection of bacterial or biological contamination in any environment. Some of the applicable Industries are the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Hospital, Fermentation and Cosmetic Industries.

TrioBAS. The New Evolution

Ergonomic, Durable,Light Weight, and Balanced Design. The Trio.BAS Trio Model contains three different Bayonet Aspirating Heads to facilitate Coupling, Sequential, Interval or simultaneous sampling – better statistical results!

Custom Design

Explosion Proof, Technopolymer Shockproof Body with Antibacterial Treatment and an IP65 Dust and Water Proof Protection.

Personal Safety – Bio-Hazard LaborSec Safety Cabinets

Who is Labor Security?

Labor Security System is a leading Italian company in the planning and production of safety cabinets SAFETYBOX® for the storage of flammable products, compressed gas cylinders, acids and bases, as well as charcoal filters CARBOX®. Pioneering, innovation and constant attention to customer’s needs are the features that distinguish the company for over 20 years.

Safety Gaurenteed

LSS is the only company that can provide the product certificate, issued by the accredited institute TÜV SÜD, for the cabinets destined to the storage of CHEMICALS PRODUCTS. All cabinets have “Product and Public Liability Insurance” which covers any damage to persons and objects caused by manufacturing defects. The insurance is valid for all lifelong of the cabinet.

Satisfaction Gaurenteed

A wide Range of Safety Cabinets to meet each Individual needs. Labor Security System offers cutting edge solutions with an eye to sustainable development. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, we are able to offer products that combine maximum effectiveness with energy saving, thereby ensuring the safety of both workers and the environment.

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