Efficiency – OMVE Process Equipment

OMVE supplies a wide range of technologies for processing food and other liquid applications.

Since 1993, we have designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned small-scale process equipment for the global market. In 1996, we launched the first lab carbonator, the CF210 Carbo-Fill®, for premix and postmix drinks, and many other technologies have since been added to our range of small-scale process equipment.

The main advantages of lab- and pilot-scale process equipment include:


– No loss of production, while shutting down your production plant for trials
– Reduced waste of ingredients, with the use of smaller batches starting at 3L products
– Optimized resource usage – energy and utilities as well as product
– Early-stage studies and research on new recipes that can shorten time to market

Our equipment is designed according to proven scale-up principles. We are committed to allowing our customers as much flexibility as possible in their research and testing activities.

To ensure this, our equipment simulates the production process in a way that’s precise and accurate, enabling you to easily scale-up your recipes to your process plant. Furthermore, we offer you the option of upgrading your lab and pilot equipment in order to expand your own product portfolio. 

Why Choose OMVE?

Since 1993, they have specialized in supplying manufacturing R&D and pilot-plant equipment.

OMVE is a preferred supplier to leading multinationals worldwide | OMVE systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards | OMVE systems come with a two-year warranty | OMVE systems carry CE certification | OMVE offers the most comprehensive service available on the market.

Small-scale Process Plants

Looking for a single, comprehensive processing solution for ingredients, yogurts, still and soft drinks, margarine or other liquid products? You’ve come to the right place.

OMVE’s strong focus on small-scale industrial process equipment makes them unique in the world, and drives their performance. Every year, new technologies and developments are added to their portfolio. They currently offer more than 11 different technologies that can be fully integrated into one process plant, making them an effective and efficient one-stop shop partner.

Innovative Solution – TrioBAS Microbial Air Samplers

“Orum International Srl” is an Italian company born from the long experience acquired by Roberto and Sandro Ligugnana brothers in the world of scientific microbiology instruments. After founding the company PBI International during the 70’, the activities of the Ligugnana brothers was concentrated on creating innovative solutions for microbiology with invention, marketing and production of tools to standardize microbiological controls in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, hospital and biotechnology fields.

From their original design and patent of the first portable microbiological air sampler SAS (Surface Air Sampler) the company today introduces a new model the TRIO.BAS (patented) taking advantage of the gained experience, together with the new technologies and application needs.

TRIO.BAS is a new portable instrument, unique in the market.

What is TRIO.BAS ™?

Trio.BAS is a Microbiological Air Sampler used for the detection of bacterial or biological contamination in any environment. Some of the applicable Industries are the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Hospital, Fermentation and Cosmetic Industries.

TrioBAS. The New Evolution

Ergonomic, Durable,Light Weight, and Balanced Design. The Trio.BAS Trio Model contains three different Bayonet Aspirating Heads to facilitate Coupling, Sequential, Interval or simultaneous sampling – better statistical results!

Custom Design

Explosion Proof, Technopolymer Shockproof Body with Antibacterial Treatment and an IP65 Dust and Water Proof Protection.

Personal Safety – Bio-Hazard LaborSec Safety Cabinets

Labor Security System is leader in the design and production of safety cabinets SAFETYBOX® for the storage of flammable, chemical and gas products, as well as the activated charcoal filters CARBOX®. In the market for 25 years, the Company has always focused the utmost attention on the clients´ needs. This attention reflects in the invention of cutting-edge, innovative products and features.

Labor Security System is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified and the SAFETYBOX® products comply with the requirements of the European Norms, thereby obtaining the TÜV SÜD product certifications attesting their greatest quality. The models for flammable storage have all been tested for fire resistance in ministry licensed research institutes.

Who is Labor Security?

Labor Security System (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company) is a leading Italian company in the planning and production of safety cabinets SAFETYBOX® for the storage of flammable products, compressed gas cylinders, acids and bases, as well as charcoal filters CARBOX®. Pioneering, innovation and constant attention to customer’s needs are the features that distinguish the company for over 20 years.

Safety Gaurenteed

LSS is the only company that can provide the product certificate, issued by the accredited institute TÜV SÜD, for the cabinets destined to the storage of CHEMICALS PRODUCTS. All cabinets have “Product and Public Liability Insurance” which covers any damage to persons and objects caused by manufacturing defects. The insurance is valid for all lifelong of the cabinet.

Satisfaction Gaurenteed

A wide Range of Safety Cabinets to meet each Individual needs. Labor Security System offers cutting edge solutions with an eye to sustainable development. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, we are able to offer products that combine maximum effectiveness with energy saving, thereby ensuring the safety of both workers and the environment.

Premium Quality – Refurbished A Brand Process Equipment

Foeth B.V, specialists in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and beyond with their premium quality used and refurbished A brand process machinery.  Foeth is active in the purchase and sale of used process equipment in Europe since 1908.

Today they are the largest dealer in Europe with more than 4000 items in stock at their premises in Barneveld, 60 kilometer South East of Amsterdam and Schiphol.

Foeth Standard Services:


  • Premium Quality: our premium quality A brand machines are always fully mechanically tested or completely refurbished conform our high standards
  • Trade in: if you have surplus process equipment you no longer need, please trade in these items against a purchase
  • Logistics: we sell our premium quality used and refurbished process equipment to customers in Europe and the rest of the world. Our team is very experienced in arranging fast and reliable worldwide shipping of your purchased machinery with conformity to incoterms.
  • After sales: we are always of your assistance for further support on purchased machinery.

Personal Safety – Sanitizing Entrance Foot Baths

SterMat – Sanitising Entrance Foot Baths

Our Sanitizing Foot Mat keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs.

Great for food processing plants, this mat has thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that dislodge contaminants from footwear as the shoe soles are immersed in the disinfectant solution SterMat Sanitizer Liquid is a liquid quaternary ammonium sanitizer, known for versatility as a broad spectrum, no – rinse disinfectant.


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